Spell for Protection

There are times that we feel vulnerable and open to attack, whether it’s physical, mental or spiritual. This type of spell work is simple, invokes all 5 elements and doesn’t require candles, oils or specific herbs.

This simple spell is all yours and what you have that promotes a feeling of being protected and centered.

What you will need:

  1. Charcoal disk
  2. Heat proof vessel
  3. A plate or altar tile or even wood to set your work upon
  4. Petition, sigil or bay leaf
  5. Herbs related to protection

Protection herbs:

  1. Aloe
  2. Arrowroot
  3. Bay
  4. Bayberry
  5. Blueberry
  6. Burdock
  7. Cactus
  8. Chalk
  9. Corn
  10. Cumin
  11. Dragonsblood
  12. Eucalyptus
  13. Eye of Newt (mustard seed)
  14. Feverfew
  15. Five-finger grass
  16. Foxglove
  17. Hawthorn
  18. Henbane
  19. Hops
  20. Horseradish
  21. Lavender
  22. Lucky hand root
  23. Mandrake
  24. Mint
  25. Passionflower
  26. Patchouli
  27. Pennyroyal
  28. Peony
  29. Pepper
  30. Pine
  31. Plantain
  32. Radish
  33. Rosehips
  34. Rosemary
  35. Rue
  36. Thistle
  37. Vetiver
  38. Yellowdock

In the video below, I used charcoal for the element of earth, candles for fire, incense for air (both the stick and what I burned) and shells for water.

I chose my herbs and surrounded the vessel, adding 3 helper lights and 3 shells. Circling my work and adding helpers or items is just my thing. I usually always go with the number 3. This isn’t set in stone – make this spell yours.

Use the herbs you have, a plate and just a prayer if that is what this feels like to you.

My blend has a little of this and a little of that, all herbs that I personally associate with the feeling of protection.

Since this is just an example video, I burned a bay left instead of a petition, but you can use anything that respresents your statement of protection or even banishment or luck.

You can draw a sigil, charge it and active by burning, write a petition and put under or write your intention on a bay leaf and burn.

I always get centered, say a prayer, light the incense, blessing each item and let it burn completely.

The incense in this video I already had mixed, but you can add herbs invidivually.

I say a blessing over each item as I put my work together, each item as I blend my incense and over the working while it burns.

I then sit in quiet prayer or meditation, holding the feeling of whatever it is I am working for.

The Glamour

This spell is a two part deal. A bath and a facial spray, kind of like a makeup setting spray.This incantation will NOT work if you do more than once in a moon cycle. Trust me on this one. You can perform in any phase, but I always went for waxing to attract, and that’s why there were only few nights I was like a magnet.

And I mean magnet. I have a personality that attracts already, but with this? I couldn’t get away from the guys. Drank free the nights I performed this spell. No shame. Gotta pay for this Queen’s attention. Only top shelf and a classy man held court.

Living a magical life has been my deal for a very long time.

What you will need:

For the bath:

  1. witch hazel leaves that have been cleansed, charged and consecrated. The whole leaves.
  2. 3 pink candles
  3. rose quartz
  4. incense: fast luck works well but you can use myrrh (great for self love) lavender or vanilla
  5. Rose petals for the bath – don’t worry if you don’t have them. Just a little extra

Take a bowl and place your leaves in it and focus your intention on them. Place the bowl next to your bathtub.Turn out all lights and light 3 pink candles. You can place them around your tub. Place your rose quartz around the tub. Light your incense and stand next to your tub and get centered.

When you’re ready, step into the bath. Empty the leaves into the tub while saying this incantation:

Splendor to my skin,
Sparkle to my eyes,
Hair will shine,
This night will be mine.

Then lay in the tub and feel that feeling. See someone attracted to you to and being drawn like a magnet. Lay there and see yourself as a beautiful shining being. Feel it. Hold that feeling. You can think about a person (if you’re going out) walking to you with a martini in their hand made especially for you. That tickle in your belly? Heart bubbles? Yeah, hold it. Light comes out of you and lights up the bathroom lit only by candlelight. See yourself surrounded by sparkling pink light. You are magical. You shine bright like a diamond.

Lay there as long as you want. Then wash and prepare as usual. Step out of that tub like the divine being you are. Own it. See yourself shine. Get ready to slay.

For the facial spray:

  1. Witch hazel (liquid from the WalMarts) 4 TBS
  2. Rose water (below is a video on how to make rose water)
  3. Lavender essential oil 3 drops
  4. A mirror – I use a small one my momma gave me 30 years ago. It’s in the pics. I love this little magic mirror.

When I get out of the tub, I prepare as usual, and when it’s time to set my makeup, I pick up my consecrated mirror and I use this spray and say this incantation when I spray it on my face:

Beauty is as beauty does,
My light below my light above,
My thoughts and actions are divine,
All attention will be mine.
it is so.

I know that sounds silly, but I’ve used it for years. Just something I made up one night. It was a really good night, so as soon as I got home I wrote it down in my book.Throughout the night, whenever I powdered my nose, I sprayed again and repeated the incantation, using my little magic mirror.

How to make Rose Water: