The Green Devil

The Green Devil spell is about collecting debts. Money rightfully owed to you.

What you will need:

  1. Green candle (I use a green devil candle. You can find them on Etsy but just a green 7 day candle is fine)
  2. Compelling oil or Pay Me Oil
  3. paper – I use brown paper from a roll or lunch bags
  4. a plate to put your work on that’s heat proof (safety first)

First, let’s talk about the difference between a 5 and 7 day candle.

5 day vs 7 day candles:

This spell performs best when you have a 7 day candle, however I keep seeing folks on social media showing 5 day vigils.

There is a difference. You can get the 5 day candles at the Dollar Tree (check the bottoms and make sure the wicks are centered) but here is a picture showing the differences between those and actual 7 day pull outs with a glass sleeve.

These candles allow you to carve and dress them and you just slip them into the glass sleeves, which are resusable.

This spell works best when you start the work on a Saturday.

  1. Carve the person who owes you the money’s name into the candle. Include the amount owed.
  2. Dress the candle with Compelling Oil or Pay Me Oil
  3. On your paper, write the name down again and the amount owed 9 times.
  4. Turn your paper clockwise (to attract) and write “Money come to me” across the name and amount 9 times.
  5. 5 spot the paper with the same oil you dressed the candle with (this means dot each corner and then the center of the paper with the oil you’re using)
  6. Turn your plate upside down and place the paper beneath it
  7. Place your candle on top of the over turned plate and light it

Light the candle and speak your demand for your money, in your words. Could be like “Karen, I DEMAND my money” or anything like that but it must be a command. You can say “Karen, I demand my $49 dollas and 52 cents.”

End it with:


Lift up the plate and get that paper out from under it – hold it near the flame just enough to singe it and say:

Green Devil, this is my command:
Until (person’s name) repays the debt, compel him to ….

and list the things you want. Do you want them to be remorseful? Hear his conscious yelling all the time? Say it.

End with your command:


After you have singed the paper a little and stated your command, put the paper back under the overturned plate.

Each day for 7 days, light the candle, say your words again and singe that paper a little more.

During these 7 days, you MUST contact this person and ask for your money. Magick doesn’t happen without action.

Remember to always add

Green Devil, I seek what is rightfully mine!

at the end every day.

If you started this work on a Saturday, as recommended, the 7th day is also a Saturday.

If by this day you haven’t gotten paid yet, repeat your comand with

Green Devil, I seek what is rightfully mine

but on this 7th day, burn the rest of the paper completely – let it burn right up and say


Remember to be consistent and a little trick to make sure your candle lasts 7 days is to either stick thumbtacks into it at a measured 7 parts and burn from one to the other every day, or use dental floss and make rings 😉

If you’re extra, like me, your candle was circled on the plate with some calamus or licorice root and maybe some Commanding Insence. Maybe you put 3 bat head roots around it too, just to enhance the work and luck. You do you.

Pay Me Oil

First,let’s discuss oils in conjure.

Condition oils are traditional to this work. Way back before witches were using essential oils, oils were created to either dress or anoint (dress is object, anoint is body) and “conditioned” with a purpose.

Meaning to address, cure or resolve a “condition” yet “conditioned” with the spirit of the herbs.

If you are in my group or network, you’ll rememember how I discussed how chosing oils is completely subjective. What feeling do the ingredients create for you?

If you feel abundant using basil, use it. If basil turns your stomach or nose, it’ll turn that condition the wrong way and make it worse.

Extracting the “spirit” of that plant or herb is extracting it’s “essence” and energy to boost your work.

To create a condition oil, you simply connect with the herb and what it respresents, in body, spirit and mind for you – understanding what these spirits represent to you is key.

It’s just a matter of choosing what energy of spirit you want to use, and then bind it with your purpose or goal for it’s use.

You “condition” it with the goal….to help a “condition.”

I know, it’s confusing but I’ve always heard the word “condition” used both ways so I wanted to explain it based on my knowledge and what was passed down to me.

I like to use an odd number of ingredients. It was just drilled into my head and it’s always 3, 5, 7 or 9 but you do you and use what you have.

Pay Me oil recipes are usually kept secret and there are so many paths in conjure, they are all different.

You can hire someone to make a traditional oil, buy off Etsy or create your own and this is a basic Pay Me recipe:

  1. Carrier oil: mineral oil. This is my go to because of it’s power of attraction
  2. 3 to 5 herbs associated with compelling or command: calamus root, master root or licorice root are something I have had great successs withm – mixed with herbs for money or prosperity (think basil)
  3. Magnetic sand or iron filings (your choice, this is my personal blend)
  4. Vitamin E – conjure oils will turn. It’s best to stabilze with vitamin E. Just 5 to 7 drops or puncture a gel tablet and squeeze it in

This post is not going to go into the creation of conjure oils because that is a topic in and of itself but once I make a conditon oil, I charge on my ancestor altar.